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What is the Hockey Hotline?

The Hockey Hotline is the ultimate hot spot connecting players, teams and organizations. We're the LinkedIn of the hockey world where players can showcase their skills for scouts, coaches, and GMs. Plus, teams can identify talent and connect with prospects.

Get yourself and your team, front and centre in the eyes of the those who matter most. Sign up today.





  • Create a profile card. Include your vitals, stats, video footage, references and testimonials
  • Research teams and organizations
  • See what teams are looking at your profile
  • Contact coaches, GMs and talent scouts directly


  • Create a team profile specifying the player criteria you are looking for
  • Find, evaluate and acquire talent to build your team
  • Easily manage coach, scout and organization communications
  • Publicly post job opportunities for your team and organization


  • Intuitive, smart search filters let you find exactly what you need
  • Players can specify what leagues they want to play for
  • Teams can search for players meeting their exact criteria


  • Teams can message players directly and securely
  • Players can contact coaches, scouts and GMs of organizations they are interested in
  • Contact information is exchanged privately